Kang Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido

What we do

Training of children and adults for focus, concentration and discipline. There is a large commitment to our students:

  • Show interest in the student as an individual
  • Lead by example and act as a good role model
  • Compliment students and encourage them in a positive way
  • Show modesty and humility and encourage the same qualities in students
  • Strive to help students develop their minds, bodies and spirits
  • Encourage group spirit and show students how to work together in order to develop a sense of community and consideration of others
  • Encourage students to set and achieve their goals and believe in and support their achievement

Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido

Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido are complementary Korean martial arts. While Tae Kwan Do emphasizes direct and aggressive linear movements, Hapkido is a self defense known for joint locks, throws and circular, flowing and powerful non-resistance movements. Grand Master Kang and Kang Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido emphasize that training is not only about kicking, punching and physical movement. The goal of building martial practice is to improve yourself on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Welcome to Kang Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido


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